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Wood Flooring Apple Valley, Minnesota

If you would like new wood floors in your home, be sure to read how Anton's Floorcovering has the experience and talent to install the floor of your dreams.

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Are you in Apple Valley, Minnesota and looking for a sustainable solution to regain the lost glory of your floor? Well, wooden floor is your ultimate solution. Wood flooring is an atheistically pleasing, long-lasting and affordable flooring materials.

Wood is perhaps the most economical, beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to care for material for your floor.

Anton's Floor Covering is a premier wood floor installation company based in Apple Valley, Minnesota. We have a 10-year-strong, tried-and-tested record in wood flooring. Over the years, we have continually re-engineered our craftsmanship to offer our clients with unique, reliable, and pocket-friendly state-of-the-art services in hardwood flooring installation, expert restoration, sanding, and refinishing of wooden floors in/around Apple Valley.

Wood Flooring in Apple Valley, Minnesota by Anton's Floorcovering

Why Hardwood Flooring?

There are numerous reasons to love hardwood floors. Beautiful grains. Perfectly imperfect marks.
Natural colors. Hardwood flooring is simplistic in character, regal and unique in every way.

Our highly trained team have a mastery in Wood Floor Installation to provide you with a floor that is:

1. Timeless, Natural and Beautiful

Anton's Floor Covering will create an inviting and elegant environment into your space – home, restaurant, office, or vintage cellar. Our highly-selected Hardwood floors bring a lasting appeal to any room that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We all want that, don’t we?

2. Design

By walking with you through your style selection process, we can guarantee an incredibly beautiful and natural design for your room or space. A perfectly blended hardwood floor is rich, naturally strong and provides a beauty to last for generations.

3. Character

There is something SUPER unique with hardwood’s naturally occurring patina. It adds history and character. Combine it with your interior décor and you get a rustic yet chic character to your living space.

4. Variety of Looks

At Anton's Floor Covering, we offer a variety of options to our Apple Valley’ clients. We want to make it super-easy to choose the right floor for your home. Prized for their astounding beauty, our hardwood floors come in countless styles, colors to help transform your contemporary space. And the renovation experience is just breeze.

Primary Hardwood Floor Installation Procedures

Usually, we offer our clients with a free site visit within Apple Valley to advise them on the varieties of our hardwood floor options as well as the various installation procedure available. Here are a few sneak-peeks to some of our floor installation procedures:

  • Nail down procedure: In this procedure, we use nails to secure your Hardwood flooring to a subfloor. 
  • Staple Down method: In this method, we use a pneumatic gun and staples to secure the wood flooring to the subfloor.
  • Glue Down Procedure: This method uses select adhesives to secure the hardwood flooring to the subfloor. 
  • Floating Flooring: When a subfloor installation is not ideal, we can decide to use the floating flooring method. Here, the word flooring boards are glued together to allow them to warp in harmony. 

Hardwood Floor Care

After installation, you will want to take care and protect your investment. While hardwood flooring is easy and to clean and maintain, there are a few things that will keep your floor shimmering for long. These include:

  • Keep the floor dry. Any spills should be wiped off as soon as possible.
  • Regular sweeping or vacuuming will keep dust marks on your floor at bay. 
  • Use hardwood floor cleaner to remove any markings, scuffs or stains that you might notice on the floor.
  • Consider using ventilated rugs or floor protectors in high-traffic areas, near wet areas, and under furniture to slacken wear and tear. 

When given the appropriate amount of consideration and care, your hardwood flooring should last you a lifetime.

Get Value for Money!

If you are looking for a gorgeous looking LVP/LVT, Hardwood flooring and carpeting services in Apple Valley, Minnesota, we are your best bet. Our craftsmanship is unrivaled and our installation process a breeze. We work with you to meet your deadlines and budget for either soft surface flooring or hard surface flooring.

Our services are uniquely tailored to offer something for everyone – residential or commercial. Call Anton's Floorcovering today for flooring advice or book one of our experts to take you through our range of custom services.

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